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                Morocco: modernizing driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates

                A smart driving license for Morocco

                ASSIAQA Card has chosen Gemalto’s ?secure contactless technology for Moroccan electronic driving licenses? and vehicle registration certificates. These documents are equipped with a microprocessor, in particular allowing data to be securely stored and updated.

                ASSIAQA Card is a public-service concession holder created in 2007 to create, run, finance and maintain the national electronic driving license a???nd registration program. The company provides a comprehensive service, from preparing the request to issuing the electronic document.

                 723,100 driving licenses have been delivered in 2016. ?

                The Moroccan electronic driving license

                Redesigned processes

                To facilitate the replacement phase in application of Moroccan law (law 52-05), ASSIAQA Card has set up a network of agencies dedicated to replacing paper documents with secure electronic documents. The purpose of the external agencies is to provide maximum comfort and ease of use: making appointments online, opening times from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, remote tracking of the status of applications, notification by text message when the new electronic document is available in the agency, etc.

                Innovative services

                In addition to applications such as a “points-based license system” and vehicle inspection history, the development strategy of this project is based on the use of electronic documents to offer citizens a wide range of services which are of direct use in their daily lives. Moroccan electronic driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates are set to incorporate a number of applications, such as highway tolls, bus and tram ticketing, the payment of insurance and taxes, strong authentication, etc.

                Morocco, with the successful implementation of this program, has clearly positioned itself as a leading country in terms of the modernization of driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates, as well as their related processes.???


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